MARY NASH STODDARD is an Award-Winning Journalist. She’s the creative, dynamic Broadcast & Public Relations Professional behind many Breaking News stories, on Five Continents, for the past 5 decades.

Mary Nash Stoddard

Mary Nash Stoddard

She’s worked in front of cameras, microphones and live audiences onstage all of her life. Her early career as the First FCC Licensed Female Announcer on Dallas Radio, in 1965, gave her the tools needed to slip seamlessly into her new role as one of the country’s leading Consumer Advocates. Following the devastating illness and death of her 42 year old beloved husband, Mike, from Brain Cancer, Stoddard immersed herself in the nearby Medical School Library…vowing to learn everything she could about Neurological illness and Brain Cancer, in order to save others from a tragic experience such as her husband suffered and struggled through, only to lose his battle to this horrible disease. In her odyssey to find answers, she stumbled unwittingly across some astonishing information buried deep within the Medical School Library Literature.

A new sweetener had received FDA approval a mere four years prior to Mike’s untimely and painful death from Brain Cancer. In the literature, studies were published in peer-reviewed Medical Journals. Studies showing this new artificial sweetener, was surreptitiously pushed through FDA as a food additive instead of a prescription drug, which is how it was discovered. This meant doctors would not be required, by Law, to report adverse reactions to the substance. Even though the Law didn’t require it, many conscientious doctors reported Adverse Reactions on their own, including 5 deaths prior to 1985. Mary Nash Stoddard knew something about the Law, after serving a full term as an appointed Judge for the State of Texas, in Dallas from 1977 through 1984.
Asked to give Sworn Testimony at the Senate Hearings on Aspartame Safety, November 3, 1987, a little over two years after becoming a widowed Mother of three children, Stoddard found herself in the spotlight on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, as the co-founder, with partner James Turner, Esq., of the world’s first Aspartame Consumer Safety Network. Putting her expertise as an Investigative Journalist to good use, she and Turner became Whistle Blowers on a rogue artificial sweetener, falsely masquerading as safe and healthy, In the past nearly three decades since those Hearings, Stoddard can be seen and heard all around the world, sounding the warning. People are responding in dramatic and passionate ways to Stoddard’s message to “Eat real food.”It’s what our Creator intended and doing otherwise is going against the laws of nature in the most potentially devastating way.
In 1998, Stoddard received an Award for her years of voluntary service to help humanity, from The Government of Mexico, at their Annual Conference on Sweeteners, in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, following her historic Keynote Address to Top Officials attending, who gave her a standing ovation. Mary Nash Stoddard continues today, granting Interviews to Media around the world on this topic. They know her, as did her good friend, of 28 years, the late Larry Hagman (aka J.R. Ewing on the popular TV Series DALLAS), as “The Aspartame Lady in Dallas!” No title or accolade ever ‘sweeter’ than this one, said Stoddard.

Award Winning Journalist:
* Newsmaker
* Broadcaster (Announcer/News Anchor/DJ/Producer)
* TV News & Documentary Producer (US (all) / Paris, France / London, UK/ Sydney, Australia)
* National Radio Talk Show Host
* Publicist
* Media Consultant
* 1st FCC Licensed Female DJ/Announcer/News Anchor on Texas Radio (Jan. 1965)
* Food Safety Consultant to U.S. President (President’s Select Committee on Food Safety)


  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (14 hrs.)
  • ASIST ( Suicide safer communities – saving lives for tomorrow, 

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