*Medical (Court-Certified Expert Medical Witness since 1992)
*Legal (Served full 7 year term as appointed Texas State Judge 1977-1983)
*Science (Researcher & Lecturer)
*Public Policy (Testimony for Senate Hearings & Consumer Food Safety Lobbyist)
*Health & Fitness (Edits Toxicology Sourcebook / Consumer Advocate)
*Environmental Protection (President’s Select Committee on Food Safety 1998-99)
*Consumer Advocate (Founded international non-profit organization 1987)

Accomplishments/Consulting Services to Clients:
* Public Speaking,
* Image Building,
* Creating successful strategies for business/non-profit organizations
* News & Documentaries,
* Health/Fitness,
* Nutrition,
* Food Safety,
* Travel (Business/Leisure),
* Networking,
* Writing,
*Freelance Voice Work,
*Work With International Film Industry

Consultant to: 

Non-profit organizations, business clients, individuals or authors requiring public relations representation, business coaching, image consulting, in order to promote yourself, your book, your business, your organization, etc., to the world. Rates are tailored to the job and available on request when job expectations and services needed are presented in a concise manner.


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